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Each episode has its own registration link. Make sure to register for each one independently. You are welcome to register for all webinars or pick and choose the topics that interest you. The recordings and Q&As are shared via email with all who register, regardless of whether you were able to attend the live event.

Neighborhood Retailers, Brands, and Distributors are all welcome to attend these webinars. The more the merrier!

*Recordings will only be accessible to those who register prior to the start of an episode. Webinars will begin at 3 pm EST on the dates mentioned.*

October 20, 3:00 PM EST

My Promotions | How to Make Custom Promotions

  • My Promotions allows our Marketing Suite Subscribers to make their very own custom promotions.
  • These promotions can have set expiration dates.
  • They will appear on your My Astro Webpage beside your active Astro Offers.
  • My Promotions can also be added to your Multi-Media Templates to the Promo/Offer Elements just like your Astro Offers. 
  • Impressions Reports show who redeemed the My Promotion.
  • Attach your own 800x800 pixel image, or choose a pre-made one from the Astro Media Library.
  • Psst... this was a retailer-requested webinar! Is there a topic you want a deep dive episode to cover? Email us at Support@astroloyalty.com and request one. 

October 27, 3:00 PM EST

Astro Social | What Should I Be Sharing Socially?

  • Astro Social is so cool! You can use it to share any image located in our Marketing Suite's Image Library to your business's Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • Your Astro Image Library includes Brand Media, Astro Media, and My Media - which is where you can upload your own images. 
  • In this webinar, we will be discussing strategies when sharing content on your social media. Such as who should you tag, hashtags, timing, topics, and more. 
  • Psst... this was a retailer-requested webinar! Is there a topic you want a deep dive episode to cover? Email us at Support@astroloyalty.com and request one. 

November 17, 3:00 PM EST

Black Friday Pep Rally!

  • Let's get pumped for the best Black Friday / Small Business Saturday / Cyber Monday - Astro Offer Flash Sale EVER!
  • Every year our retailers break new redemption records, and this year we have more Flash Sales and November Month-Long Offers than any year prior. 
  • We're going to talk marketing strategy - in-store merchandising, social media campaigning, and email/App/and SMS Text campaigning. 
  • Match your customers with the Offers they are most likely to get excited over.

December 01, 3:00 PM EST 

Sharing the Love

  • We will focus on the idea and intention behind Sharing the Love.
  • We'll visit the My Astro Webpage & the Astro Marketing Suite.
  • Best practices on Sharing the Love on your Social Media Pages - Instagram is the heart of Sharing the Love!
  • Instruction on how to use the Canva Template that can be shared with new pet owners when they come into your store.
  • And finally, how to communicate with your Sharing the Love recipients via the Marketing Suite.
  • Will convert to an On-Demand Webinar after the live has ended.

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Kat Carbonaro

Marketing Director

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Stacey Desnoyers

Sales Director & Queen of Canada

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Kendall Walker

Brand Director

October Pet Holiday Marketing Guide

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The Power of Independent Pet Marketing at your Fingertips.

No Design Skills Needed. Just Drag, Drop, Point, & Click.

It's done-for-you campaigning designed exclusively for the Neighborhood Pet Shop because no one knows you as we do!

Astro Marketing harnesses the power of the marketing teams behind your favorite brands and places those horses in your stable. All you need to do is hitch those horses to your wagon - and away you go!

With just a couple of clicks, you can quickly customize a pet-themed campaign from our rotating calendar, and deliver it to your customers via the communication method they choose!

Astro Marketing takes the overthinking out of marketing. It's decisions when you need them, and choices when you want them.

We're so much more than just email marketing!